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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chaco Canyon Cafe: Organic Cafe Raw Vegan Food

Chaco Canyon Cafe is one of a kind restaurants. With variety selections of raw and organic food, they served delicious and nutritious live food!

And what is RAW food?... They are un-cook and un-process food. People who have this kind of diet is called Raw foodism.


PHOTO BY: pleomorphic

I dare you to try it! :)
The Natural Directory website posted a very nice article about Chaco Canyon Cafe, "For those of you who have never had a raw meal, have no fear: the food is scrumptious and will have you salivating at the thought of return visits. Hot vegan sandwiches and soup have been recently added to the menu, so you can bring your less-adventurous friends along!"

PHOTO BY: pleomorphic - Ginger Sesame Bowl with kelp noodles-

PHOTO BY: pleomorphic - Basil Pesto bowl with kelp noodles-

PHOTO BY: Marissa S - Raw Pizza-

Chaco Canyon Organic Café is located at 4757 12th Ave NE in Seattle Washington, on the corner of 12th and 50th in the University District.