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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Organic Eateries around Seattle : Portage Bay Cafe

One of the advantages living in the Northwest is that we are blessed to be surrounded with people that care about living healthy and eating organic food. Many restaurants in Seattle carry organic ingredients and are targeted specifically for Northwesterners.

Last week, I went with my sister to try this organic breakfast place called Portage Bay Cafe up in Roosevelt, the wait was 45 minutes, but it was well worth it.

Portage Bay Cafe specializes in Breakfast. They open from 7.30AM - 3PM (M-F) and 8AM - 3PM (Sat-Sun). If you don't want to wait for a long time, it's better to come early, right when they just open or later in the afternoon. Although breakfast is truly a gem over there, nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning and a fresh pancake! Yummy!...

As soon as we are seated, we ordered something that the reviewers from Yelp have been craving about and that is Banana Foster French Toast and their special of the day- Goat Cheese Omelette with Nettles and Potatoes.


What we ordered were so good. Especially with the French Toast, you can have an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT fruit bar! Not just that, knowing that what you are eating are all organic, makes you fell so good!... Their philosophy is Eat Like You Give a Damn!

Apart from their excellent menu, Portage Bay Cafe's specials of the day was also depending on the seasonal local fruits/vegetables. Which makes this place even so special and local.

A friend of mine who later joined us for breakfast and an organic foodie later told me that the omelette that I ordered was very nutritious. She said that Nettle is an annual herbs that has to be grown locally. She was surprised that Portage Bay has Nettles in their menu. Nettles that came with my omelette is a herbaceous perennial plants, an annual plant that is well known as a strong plant with medicinal purpose that is high in nutrients, specifically in vitamin K, calcium, and iron.

So the next time you're in the mood to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast, come to Portage Bay Cafe, located at two locations: University District and Salt Lake Union.

More about their philosophy: Eat like you give a damn! and their menus.

Happy exploring, Seattleites!...