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Monday, April 20, 2009

Helle, the Alternative to the Old Spa Scene

I have been searching for a really good spa place, and found some great reviews from fellow Seattleites about some rejuvenating Spa places, rated by all of you that would be fun to share this week.

One of the places that I kept hearing raves about is Helle Seattle. Helle is a sanctuary from urban grime and pretentiousness. They provide clinical grade skincare in an it’s-o.k.-if-you’re-not-feeling-quite-so-zen environment. For sure they will make you look like an angel.

Helle offers wide varieties of services, facial, exfoliation, detox therapy, message, waxing, etc. I love their slogan on their site 'Your body is a temple', simply explain why I need to take good care of my body and be responsible to what has given to me.

Helle is located at Georgetown District. 5701 Airport Way S Ste C (between Carstens Pl & Homer St), Seattle, WA 98108.

Maria Christina B from Yelp says,"A little place located in the heart of Georgetown, Helle is a place to escape the same old hum drum of the regular spa experience. Danielle DeCanti is amazing as she transforms you from blah to fabulous! She makes your skin sing a happy tune with her wonderful facials. And the wax jobs are top notch! You must check out her major cool website at http://www.helleseattl... and call her for a visit! You'll love her too!" photo credit: Maria Christina B

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