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Monday, May 11, 2009

Seattleites' Flickr...

I thought this week would be fun to feature our local flickr.... Check this out!

That Girl - Walsh

lady liberty -Walsh

Green Lake - Seattle -pkarm70

your basic tourist shot -EdgarDiazRocks

Latte Art - Flowers - Makeda Coffee Seattle, WA- shawnmebo

Daner WK Parskid - SoDo Legal Wall -Slightlynorth

YIP071 - Dave and Maggie - Slightlynorth

Now that is a beer holder - J. Kraemer

Ballard Sunday Market Musicians -PamINseattle

Green Lake ducks -mr*sha*mme*r

After all these years, the truth comes out -Justin Kramer

OVO Installation - Instax WIndows - Slightlynorth

Top Pot Doughnuts Coffee Cup -shawnmebo

Seattle Center Sci-Fi Perspective -Surrealize