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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson in Seattle

Dear Seattleites' Diary, my heart filled with turmoil and sadness as I discovered Michael Jackson's death last thursday. For some of us who grew up with his music, this is truly a big lost. As I was discussing about M.J's life with my sister, we both suddenly just cried together and our hearts filled with deep sadness.

I wish that he could live to see how much he is loved. It's quite a tragic ending for the King of Pop. However, his music and influence will continually live in this generation. He will always be a legend.

Movin 92.5 did a tribute video for M.J in Seattle's area- 4th and Jackson St, on Sunday, June 28th.

Michael Jackson Moonwalk Tribute in Seattle

Here are some of my favorite videos of Michael Jackson:

You rock my world