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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

City's Fabulous Street Food

If you never aware about Seattle's Gourmet food trucks thereabout, here's the time to know more about it. Seattle is one of those city that keeps exploring for new ideas and new innovation. We have many Gourmet Food trucks around Seattle that you can't even believe.

Here are some of them in town.

Marination Mobile is Seattle’s sauciest food truck. Marination specializes in Hawaiian and Korean curb cuisine that is always fast, usually marinated in a signature sauce, frequently served in a tortilla, and mostly healthy. Find out where they are located in Seattle, go to their blog and check out Marination latest news.


Unlike other street food, this one provides gourmet food like you never thought before. The menu is like what you would find in a five star restaurant. They provide seasonally relevant, locally sourced and impeccably executed bistro style food up and down the west coast…...out of their airstream trailers.

Find out where they are located in Seattle and make sure to check out their menu.

Maximus Minimus

If you in need of a simple, yet delicious food for lunch, you've got to try Maximus Minimus. Their menu offers pulled pork or vegetarian (roasted onions, fennel, and barley) sandwiches. Sandwiches can be customized by choosing between two styles of sauce, maximus (spicy and savory: made with beer, a blend of six peppers, onions, and fruit juices) or minimus (sweet and tangy: made with tamarind, honey, and molasses). Just thinking about it, makes my mouth watery!... Be sure to check out their location and their menu before you visit their famous pig truck.

Kaosamai Thai

Kaosamai Thai is a unique mobile kitchen. they also offer catering to events like wedding, birthday party and have their mobile cook right in front of the venue space. The food is amazing, it is gourmet Thai food. Check out their locations and twitter for their latest news.

Gert's BBQ

Michael N. from Yelp says, "The DDot Sliders were tasty and the sides (green bean casserole, mac & cheese and the fries) could not be beat. I'll definitely go back and try their other offereings as well. Hope their mobile station brings them in toward downtown Seattle!". Be sure to find out their location and menu.

El Camion

El Camion offers authentic Mexican food. The food is very affordable and they have a lot of selections to choose from. From breakfast burrito to special plates, you name it, they have it. They have two trucks located at South of Seattle and North of Seattle. Be sure to check their where about before going there.

Parfait Ice Cream

Parfait offers elegant versions of classic ice cream flavors, with a variety of fruit and specialty flavors regularly rotated into their menu according to the season.

At Parfait, every cone is a waffle cone. They prepare organic cones from scratch. Each Parfait cone is pressed on a specialty iron and hand-rolled with care. Be sure to check their locations and taste those yummy ice creams.