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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Simpsons and King/Queen of Heart Stamp from USPS

Hi Seattleites' Reader, I just found out that at USPS, they are selling The Simpsons and King/Queen of Heart Stamps. It's quite adorable. Check this out:

I first found out from my favorite blog: Weddingbee by Mrs.Bee in their recent article about King and Queen Heart of Stamps, which you can use for wedding theme. :) Quite nice, eh?...

If you are looking into personalised postage stamp, there are few companies that would do customize stamps for you. These are great for weddings, holidays or even sending mails for close friends and relatives. These companies are zazzle.com, PhotoStamps.com, and PictureItPostage.com.

PhotoStamps.com allows user to zoom, move, and rotate the image, and select one of 10 different border colors to compliment it, while PictureItPostage.com lets you select a landscape or portrait orientation and click on a color within your image to select it as the background for the postage area of your design. And for those who want their postage picture to be worth more than 1,000 words, Zazzle.com allows you to superimpose text on your image. (Source Seattle PI)

Zazzle.com personalised postage stamp.